Wednesday, October 7, 2009

folies passagères

Alors c'est un nouveau petit délire, histoire que je montre un peu plus des trucs bizarre que je fais souvent, ça m'aide à passer le temps :)


Rony HOTIN said...

Happy birthday to u!!!

Maïlys said...

woooooo!!! t'étais déjà le premier et t'es toujours le premier :) merci beaucoup :)

reza-riahi said...

hey i saw your art work
i'm a friend of rony
and you works is just adorable
so glad to meet people like you with such a great style of art!

reza-riahi said...

merci for your kindness
rony helped me so much he is a great person!
i wish i could see more artwork of you in here, it really makes me wondering "WHATS THE NEST POST" ;)
bythwy i add your link on my blog ;)
bonne chance

messytimbo said...

very beautiful! i love the mood you set with your drawings

tom haugomat said...

c'est bien beau ce petit blog auxiliaire tout neuf!

Maïlys said...

reza/ ho yes, Rony is a great person, he's always interested in the other. Thank you very much for your support, I'm going to try to publish more things on my blog :)

messytimbo/ thank you :))

tom/ ooo un marcassin! j'espère que tu vas bien... merci beaucoup :) dis, je suis passé plusieurs fois sur ton blog (qui est super) mais j'arrive pas à laisser de commentaires!! comment ce fait-ce?

ALEXIS said...
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A. Riabovitchev said...

You have really nice work on your blog!I think you are on the right way!Cool stuff!:o)

Jorge González said...

I admire your work. Jorge.